REACT Neuro and Pico Interactive Join Forces to Measure Brain Health

Source: REACT Neuro

Brain health complications are not only devastating for those who experience them, but they also create a major financial burden on the healthcare system. In fact, poor mental health is projected to cost the world economy approximately $6 trillion by 2030.

The good news is that many brain health complications can be successfully addressed if diagnosed early, which is exactly what digital neurocognitive brain assessment platform REACT Neuro hopes to achieve in partnership with Pico Interactive, a global tech company that develops innovative virtual reality (VR) and enterprise solutions.

Together, the two companies have made it possible to measure brain health using Pico Interactive’s Neo 2 Eye virtual reality headset, which is equipped with Tobii Eye Tracking, allowing it to detect small changes in eye movement.

“Pico enables businesses to make innovative impacts with cutting-edge immersive technology. REACT Neuro’s use of our Neo 2 Eye headset will help to transform the healthcare industry for the better by accurately measuring brain health in a non-subjective manner wirelessly,” said Will Winston, US Sales and Partnerships Director at Pico Interactive.

The VR headset is used to perform a baseline assessment of brain health using biomarkers and neurological circuits. The gathered data is then analyzed using REACT Neuro’s artificial intelligence (AI) software and transformed into useful insights that can be used to detect early stages of brain health complications.

“There are millions battling neurological injury and disease—whether it’s senior living community residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease or athletes recovering from concussions. REACT Neuro is working to improve the way we treat brain injuries,” added Winston.

REACT Neuro’s brain health assessment solution is currently being tested at Asbury Methodist Village, a senior living community in Gaithersburg, Maryland. “At Asbury Methodist Village, we’ve begun brain health testing on our residents with the goal of creating personalized treatment plans, from physical exercise to cognitive training and providing real-world feedback to REACT Neuro,” said Sue Paul, Director of Wellness at Asbury Communities.

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