Red Matter 2 Is Taking VR Immersion to the Next Level

Red Matter 2

Red Matter 2, the highly anticipated narrative-driven puzzle adventure VR game from developer Vertical Robot, is coming to the Meta Quest 2 headset on August 18.

Red Matter 2 continues the story from right after where Red Matter ended, though you don’t need to play the first game to appreciate this sequel. The game is set during a dystopian Cold War in which oppressed people rebel against their rules.

As protagonist Sasha Riss, you’ll traverse and platform your way through the game’s environments and face challenging puzzles as you find a way to escape a base of one of the game’s two main factions, the Atlantic Union.

From a technical standpoint, you can expect Red Matter 2 to feature some of the best visuals you’ve seen on Quest 2 to date, and Vertical Robot has worked hard to maximize the feeling of immersion in virtual reality.

The game runs a heavily modified version of Unreal Engine with support for high-quality fog and sun reflections, particle reflections, multiple point lights, volumetric light cones, optimized MetaHumans, high-quality glass, sphere soft shadows, retraced line and quad reflections, glass refraction, and much more. You can watch a technical showcase of the game here to see everything in action.

The original Red Matter was widely praised as one of the most incredible VR games in terms of immersion, but some players criticized it for being too short, leaving them begging for more.

In addition to the Meta Quest 2 headset, Red Matter 2 will also support Oculus Rift and Valve Index. The recommended system requirements include the NVIDIA GTX 1080 graphics card or equivalent and the Intel i5-4590 CPU or greater.

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