Surplex Full-Body Tracking Shoes Are Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Surplex tracking shoes
Source: Surplex

Full-body tracking makes virtual reality experiences like VRChat or Blade and Sorcery extra fun, but it costs a lot of money to get started with it—not to mention how complicated it is to strap multiple sensors onto your legs and waist.

According to Surplex Founder Axl Chan, virtual reality represents a new era for online learning, entertainment, and fun, but it has so far been limited by the interactive tools available to navigate it. The Surplex VR Tracking Shoes want to make full-body tracking more accessible by packing the necessary technology inside a pair of stylish sneakers.

According to the team behind the innovative product, there are more than 480 advanced self-developed flexible pressure sensors under each foot. Each of the sensors is collecting data to be analyzed and interpreted by proprietary deep learning algorithms capable of turning the information into 3D skeletons.

“The result is the most natural and highly accurate way to interact with the virtual world. Surplex is more than a VR accessory, it represents true freedom for a fascinating new world,” state the developers.

The Surplex VR Tracking Shoes are designed for people weighing anywhere from 50 to 120 kg, and they should last up to 6 hours on a charge. Because of how they work, they don’t suffer from tracking blind-spots, drifting, and occlusion issues.

The shoes are compatible with many popular games that take advantage of full-body tracking, including VRChat, Blade and Sorcery, and Neos VR. The Surplex Full-Body Tracking Shoes are coming soon to Kickstarter, so make sure to stay tuned for more information.

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