Surplex Full-Body Tracking Shoes Are Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Source: Surplex Full-body tracking makes virtual reality experiences like VRChat or Blade and Sorcery extra fun, but it costs a lot of money to get started ...

VITURE One Kickstarter Campaign Reaches Nearly $3 Million

Source: VITURE It seems that there are many people who like the idea of being able to enjoy games and movies from anywhere on a 120-inch virtual screen so ...

Lynx-R1 Kickstarter Campaign to Launch Soon, Starting at $499

Source: Lynx In February, we shared with your the first real footage of the Lynx-R1 standalone mixed reality headset. Now, the French startup behind it has ...

Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair Smashes $2 Million Milestone on Kickstarter

Source: YawVR Early in May, we published a news story about the Yaw2 motion simulator chair making $1 million on Kickstarter in just a week. Now, the ...

Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair Makes $1M on Kickstarter in Just a Week

Source: Kickstarter You may remember the Kickstarter campaign for the original Yaw motion simulator chair, which promised 3DoF and high dynamic range in a ...

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