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Oculus Rift gets permanent price cut to $399 with Touch controllers

The new permanent lower price for the Oculus Rift VR headset follows an early cut to the same $399 price for the summer of 2017.

Oculus Touch Review

The Oculus Touch controllers for the Oculus Rift headset are a must for any Rift owner. Our review will tell you why you need them.

Oculus Rift plus Touch controller price cut to $598

Oculus has cut the price of its Rift VR headset, bundled with its Touch controller, down by $200, from $798 to $598. Prices for each device have been cut.

The Unspoken Review

Join us as we take a closer look at The Unspoken for Oculus Touch in our full review!

NVIDIA updates drivers to support Oculus Touch

NVIDIA has updated the GEFORCE Experience to support Oculus' new Touch controllers, and are also giving away a number of prizes to celebrate!

The Oculus Touch controllers will work with 53 launch games on Dec. 6

There will be 53 games that will work with the Oculus Touch controllers when they are officially release for the Oculus Rift VR headset on Dec. 6.

Oculus Rift: everything you need to know

Want to know more about the Oculus Rift and the upcoming Oculus Touch controllers? Check out our official guide on everything you need to know.

Oculus Touch launching December 6 for $199

At Oculus Connect 3 on Thursday, the company announced that the final version of its Touch controllers will launch on December 6 for $199.

Oculus Touch reportedly will cost a whopping £190, or roughly $250

While Oculus has yet to officially announce pricing, a new report suggests the Oculus Touch will cost a whopping £190, or what translates to just shy of $250.

Here’s why the Oculus Rift didn’t launch with the Touch controllers

Oculus say that they could have shipped the Touch controllers that compliment the Rift headset when the VR headset launched but chose not to.

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