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Chronos Review

Join us as we take a look at the Oculus Rift exclusive, Chronos, in this full review!

Edge of Nowhere review

Want to learn more about Edge of Nowhere. Check out our full review of Edge of Nowhere!

HTC Vive Knuckle controllers – what are they, why they matter

The HTC Vive Knuckle controller is a new way to interact with the Vive - but for now it's only for developers. But what are they, and why should you care?

E3 2017: The Sites And Sounds

John and Josh take you on a tour of E3 2017 in full 360-degree glory courtesy of the 2017 Samsung Gear 360.

The Mummy Prodigium Strike hands on

The Mummy Prodigium Strike is a new VR experience, inspired by the upcoming "The Mummy" reboot. What's it like? Join us as we find out!

We checked out the brand new IMAX VR Centre at AMC Theatres

John Velasco recently had the chance to check out the latest IMAX VR Centre, here are his impressions!

Star Trek Bridge Crew Review

Star Trek boldly goes where the franchise has never gone before -- the realm of VR. Join us as we take a look at Star Trek Bridge Crew in this full review!

MSI VR One Review

Looking to go wireless with the Vive? The MSI VR One is a backpack solution that delivers a unique solution to the wired issue.

LG Tone Studio hands on: Bluetooth headphones that work for VR

Even though the LG Tone Studio is a pair Bluetooth headphones at its core meant for listening to music at your leisure, it's actually one of the few that can ...

How does VR perform on different types of PCs?

Join us as we explore exactly how much a different PC hardware really does make on your overall VR experience.

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