The Chorus Are Logitech’s New Off-Ear Headphones for Quest 2

Source: Logitech

If there’s one aspect of the Valve’s Index headset that has received almost universal praise, it has to be its off-ear headphones, which can deliver great sound quality without any discomfort at all beacuse they float right next to they ears instead of sitting on them.

Now, Logitech has introduced a new pair of headphones for the Meta Quest 2 headsets, and it takes just one look at them to know that they were clearly inspired by the Valve Index headphones.

Called the Chorus, the headphones are designed to slide over the arms of the Quest 2 headset. From there, you simply need to connect them using the intergrated USB-C cable. Because the headphones have an extra port for USB-C passthrough, they don’t get in the way of your other accessories or your charging cable.

In terms of sound quality, the Chorus promise spacious sound thanks to their open-back design and custom-tuned off-ear acoustics. Unlike traditional headphones, no sound coming from the world around you is blocked, so you can maintain full awareness of what’s happening in the real-world.

When not engaged in virtual reality experiences, you can flip the Chorus headphones up to mute them. Once you’re ready to jump back into action, you can just rotate the headphones back down.

The Chorus headphones are currently avaialble for pre-order, and Logitech sells them for $99.99. That’s a decent price for what’s supposed to be a pair of great-sounding headphones, but with the next version of the Quest 2 headset supposedly set to make its debut at Meta’s 2023 Connect event, we would be hesitant to spend that amount of money on a VR accessory for a headset that will soon become outdated.

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