VR Painting App Brushwork Available as a Free Download

Source: BrushworkVR

Virtual reality is a boon to artists and people with the desire to express their creativity because it frees them from the limitations of the physical reality we all share. Now, aspiring and acclaimed painters alike can unleash their creative potential with browser-based immersive painting app Brushwork.

Brushwork works on Quest on Oculus Browser, and on Vive, and Reverb G2 on Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Getting started with it is extremely easy, but the results you can achieve are limited only by your skills, talent, and imagination.

The painting app does a great job of replicating the familiar experience of holding a palette with blobs of paint and mixing them to produce the right colors. You can use a variety of brushes on canvases ranging from small to large, and there’s even an option to add reference photos so that you can remain immersed in virtual reality.

When you’re done creating your masterpiece, you can share it with a simple tap and let your friends, as well as online strangers, see it in AR on their mobile devices.  

As a browser-based app, Brushwork doesn’t require a download, which sets it apart from many other similar apps, like Kingspray Graffiti VR, SculptVR, or Painting VR. To try it, all you need to do is go to visit brushworkvr.com on a WebXR-compatible browser.

The developers of Brushwork, Sunset Division, are also responsible for immersive, story-driven space noir game The Rig, which features a fully interactive light freighter as you attempt to land, find your brother, and uncover a tightly-woven mystery of murder and broken romance, as the game’s official website states.

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