Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair Makes $1M on Kickstarter in Just a Week

Yaw2 Motion Simulator Chair
Source: Kickstarter

You may remember the Kickstarter campaign for the original Yaw motion simulator chair, which promised 3DoF and high dynamic range in a company and affordable package. Now, the company behind it is back with the next iteration of its product, Yaw2.

After just one week on Kickstarter, the next generation motion simulator hit the $1 million mark despite the fact that the original goal was to collect just $100,000 in crowdfunding. At the time of writing this news story, more than 600 backers have pledged $1,154,833, which goes to show that the demand for affordable 3DoF motion simulation is high.

“Yaw2 is the highest motion range, most compact and affordable virtual reality motion simulator from Yaw VR,” states the company on its Kickstarter page.

The chair can achieve a 40° motion range for roll and 70° for pitch movements in its most basic configuration, but it can be combined with the optional Yaw Platform to enable a 360° rotation. While the target audience of this product are gamers (especially fans of simulators like Elite Dangerous, Dirt Rally 2.0, Project Cars 2, and MS Flight Simulator), it can also be used for work and relaxation.

Because the seat itself is replaceable (the lowest tier actually doesn’t come with one), users can pick just about any seat they like and instantly enjoy features such as automatic posture correction and preconfigured relaxation programs.

The 2DoF configuration of the Yaw2 motion simulator costs $1,090, and the price jumps up to $1,470 for the 3DoF version. Buyers with deeper pockets can buy the Pro edition, which includes powerful motors designed for intensive use, smart plug for connecting wind-generating fans, built-in casters for improved mobility, 220V/110V electricity outlet, and USB input.  

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