You Can Now Design Your Room Using IKEA’s New AR App, IKEA Studio

IKEA Studio
Source: SPACE10

It’s been four years since IKEA and Apple joined forces to demonstrate the potential of augmented reality to the masses by releasing the IKEA Place app, which made it possible for iOS users to place a single piece of furniture in a real environment.

A lot has changed in the AR world since the release of the IKEA Place app, including the fact that many people now own Apple’s LiDAR-powered iPhones. Wanting to fully explore their potential, IKEA’s own Copenhagen-based studio SPACE10 has recently released a beta version of what can be considered the next version of the IKEA Place app.

Called IKEA Studio, the furniture company’s latest app is an iOS-only release that lets users capture complete 3D room plans with measurements and replace existing furniture with virtual versions of IKEA’s products. The app is even aware of ceilings, so you can add virtual suspended light fittings if you want to.

SPACE10 developed the app with the upcoming Apple Glass augmented reality glasses in mind.
“While we have developed what is right now a mobile application, we’ve also been interested in what devices like glasses might be able to do for this technology,” said Tommy Campbell, digital design lead at SPACE10.

“So, we’ve made very deliberate decisions to paint the vision of Studio as one that can exist on both the smartphone or in a glasses-like setting. We’ve also used a new renderer reality kit from Apple that lets us achieve a level of detail on these models that hasn’t been seen before in IKEA’s AR portfolio.”

If you own an iOS device equipped with a LiDAR and would like to give the app a try, you can sign up for the open beta right on its official website.


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