HTC believes VR is “the next mass medium” – what do you think?

Is virtual reality the next mass medium? HTC believes so, but we think the future looks much more complicated than that. Tell us what you think!

Apple patents new ‘Wearable Information System’ for AR applications

Apple has just patented a new 2-state technology which can help recognize interesting objects and relay augmented reality information to the user.

Use augmented reality to access real estate data of available homes

You can now use augmented reality to learn information about houses around you, and can snap photos of real estate signs to pull up the pages online.

Microsoft HoloLens heads to Retail stores

Consumers in the US and Canada can now get their hands on the Microsoft HoloLens.

Pokémon GO coming to ORA-2 and ORA-X AR Smartglasses

The AR game that is taking the world by storm it making its way to the ORA-2 and ORA-X AR Smartglasses.

Vuzix AR technology to be used in Drone Racing

Vuzix has announced a new partnership with Amimon, an HD drone film company, to use in the newly popular Drone Racing sport.

Pokemon Go readies for wider launch following success

Pokemon Go was such a massive success and has created such a buzz that Nintendo shares have rocketed in recent days. The AR app has only launched in the US, ...

Apple granted another patent for AR technology

In the ongoing mystery of Apple showing signs of getting into the virtual reality arena, the company have just been granted yet another patent for its ...

Twitter gets into AR and VR, hires ex-Apple designer

As various companies look to move into the virtual reality and augmented reality space, Twitter has seemed somewhat quiet on that front.

AR startup Magic Leap is making immersive Star Wars experiences

Magic Leap have showed off a rare glimpse into its technology with an immersive Star Wars AR experience.

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