Amazon Launches Tech-Powered Hair Salon in London

Source: Amazon It seems that Amazon has decided to reinvent the hairdressing experience using modern technology. The e-commerce giant has announced the ...

You Can Now Design Your Room Using IKEA’s New AR App, IKEA Studio

Source: SPACE10 It’s been four years since IKEA and Apple joined forces to demonstrate the potential of augmented reality to the masses by releasing the ...

AR-Guided Hip Replacement Surgery Performed in Boston

Source: Elite Medical Prep LLC A team of surgeons at New England Baptist Hospital has recently made history by successfully performing the first AR-guided ...

Microsoft to Manufacture Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) for US Army

Source: US army The United States Army would like to outfit its soldiers with augmented reality headsets to improve their situational awareness, target ...

Strategy and Puzzle Video Game “Pikmin” to Become Niantic’s Next AR Title

Source: Niantic Labs Niantic Labs, the video game developer behind Pokémon GO, has announced a partnership with Nintendo to develop an augmented reality ...

Epson Introduces the Latest Iteration of Its Moverio AR Smart Glasses

Source: Epson Epson, one of the world’s leaders in imaging and projection technology, has just announced the latest iteration of its Moverio augmented ...

Use augmented reality to access real estate data of available homes

You can now use augmented reality to learn information about houses around you, and can snap photos of real estate signs to pull up the pages online.

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