The HTC Vive might not have as many highly anticipated games as the Oculus Rift or the upcoming Sony Playstation VR, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great experiences in store. And for the games designed with the Vive in mind, you actually get a pretty big advantage over the competition: room scale. For those that don’t know, room scale allows you to move around a room while also moving around in the VR world – adding a level of immersion that you can’t find elsewhere.

We’ve already taken a look at some of the best games currently available for the HTC Vive, but there are plenty more heading our way throughout the year and even into 2017, including the AAA hit, Fallout 4, which is getting a full HTC Vive VR makeover!

fallout-4-thumbFallout 4 (VR Edition)

Release date: TBA, 2017

Perhaps the most exciting announcement for fans at E3 2016 was the announcement of VR support for Fallout 4. A VR version of Fallout has been so highly demanded that fans previously played it through unofficial mods. Bethesda answered these demands with the promise of a full version of the game that truly optimizes the experience for VR.

The launch date is slated for sometime in 2017. How Vive support will be implemented is not yet clear, but Todd Howard, game director at Bethesda, said “Let’s not make a short version of Fallout 4 — the promise is the whole game.”

star-trek-thumbStar Trek: Bridge Crew

Release date: Fall 2016

When the screen pulled back to reveal an NX-1787 class cruiser, the air filled with excitement. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is a four-player cooperative game designed for HTC Vive that allows players to take one of four roles: Tactical, Helm, Engineering, and the most desired: Captain. Let the “Make it so,” jokes fly.

If players do not have enough people to fill all four roles, AI will take over. However, it is much more fun to plot a course, raise and lower shields, arm photon torpedoes, and relive all the Star Trek action that fans have come to love throughout the years. Everyone who tried out the game said the same thing: they felt totally committed to the mission and completely immersed in the world.

Check it out – Star Trek: Bridge Crew hands on

La-Peri-HTC-Vive-11Front Defense

Release date: TBA

Though VR gamers have been waiting for a true-to-form FPS, Front Defense isn’t quite that. However, it is a fantastic blend of first-person shooting action and tower defense. Players take cover behind sandbags (which conveniently represent the real-world environment they play in) and fight off waves of enemies in true World War II style.

Front Defense has an arcade-like feel rather than a gritty, real-world shooter feel, but it’s still a lot of fun. The way players control the weapons makes a huge difference; to reload the SMG, for instance, players drop their left hand to their side and then move it underneath the gun, as though trading out magazines. Relying on real-world movements for necessary actions creates another level of immersion that will keep you playing for hours.


Eagle Flight

Release date: TBA, 2016

Eagle flight is a strange flight simulator where you’re piloting an eagle. The game lets you fly through the city of Paris where other birds of prey are wandering, and other animals populate the city. The experience is thrilling, nail biting, and addicting. The game will get your heart pumping as you fly between builds, in narrow passages, and around waterways.

The game also allows you to fight other birds while in the air, making your experience even more intense. To control the birds flight you’ll simply look towards where you want to navigate, making the game easy and fun.

Check it out –  Eagle Flight hands on


Release date: TBA

Narcosis, the underwater survival title from Honor Code, has been available on the Oculus Rift for some time now. However, never has it been available for HTC Vive. The new controls sink the player into an underwater world that plays tricks on the mind. The controls are deliberately slow and clunky; after all, a dive suit isn’t the most agile outfit.

Players must navigate the underwater world and try to escape, all the while battling the steady onset of insanity as the psychological torment begins to set in. The human body is not designed to last for long under the water; after all, it’s the one place we aren’t at the top of the food chain.

Check it out –  Narcosis hands on


Release date: TBA

Skyworld is the sort of game that sends shivers up the spines of gamers everywhere: world-building, strategy, and total immersion all in one. The game itself is eerily reminiscent of the original Civilization; set on a playing field divided into hexagonal grid, you must use magic and intervene where necessary to help the world succeed.

The game’s tagline says it all: “Can you tame the dragons?” Use your magic to build an army and conquer the dragons that terrorize and divide the kingdom, and then use them for your own ends. Skyworld is one of the first turn-based strategy games built from the ground up for HTC Vive, and it looks oh-so-very promising.


Release date: TBA


It isn’t often that a game’s synopsis leaves our jaws hanging open, but Essence succeeds beautifully: “You are in a world you don’t remember seeing before at a place forgotten by time and space. Wake up and explore this miraculous world that has been waiting for your return so long.” It raises so many questions: what is this world? Why is it waiting for your return? 

The game is promised to have Metroidvania elements, but remain nonviolent; a mix of exploration and Myst-style puzzle solving. While firm details aren’t yet available, the stills released from the game are nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous.

budget-cutsBudget Cuts

Release date: TBA


Budget Cuts could be described as Portal meets Splinter Cell. While your objective is to avoid enemies and infiltrate a corporation, you can eliminate enemies as needed with your throwing knife. Aside from that, Budget Cuts enters a mechanic that’s only been seen a few times in VR games: teleportation. Through the use of a gun that is about two pixels away from Portal copyright infringement, you can navigate through the various hallways and avoid detection.

Though the official title still lacks a definite release date, a demo is available to play from Steam.

Those are just some of the HTC Vive games we are currently looking forward to. What about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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