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Xbox and VR – is it coming, and when?

Playstation 4 and PC have a number of VR headsets on the market already, but Microsoft has yet to release a dedicated solution for the Xbox. Could this be in ...

The 5 biggest downsides to VR

Virtual reality is a great platform, but there are many issues present that a lot of consumers don't think about when making a purchase decision. Check them ...

This VR webcam was made for cam girls

Terpon has developed a special virtual reality webcam specially made for streamers.

Samsung Galactic Attack Experience hands on @ Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Samsung have teamed up with Six Flags to offer a new virtual reality roller coaster experience which utilizes both AR and VR to take you on a trip through ...

Here’s how you can get that new 3-in-1 HTC Vive cable

Ever wonder how you could get one of those new 3-in-1 HTC Vive cables? There are more than a couple of ways, so check it out here!

HTC releases Vive Tracker hardware specifications and details

HTC has released the full design specifications for its Vive Tracker puck, which can track various different VR accessories in real time.

Oculus says you should use 2 USB 3.0 ports for room-scale VR

Oculus is recommending that users of the Rift headset use (2) USB-3.0 ports and (1) USB-2.0 port when doing room-scale VR in order to keep the USB host ...

Use augmented reality to access real estate data of available homes

You can now use augmented reality to learn information about houses around you, and can snap photos of real estate signs to pull up the pages online.

Robo Recall hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

Epic Games' Robo Recall is a fast paced action shooter which is just as exciting as it is immersive.

Oculus announces Carmel Browser, a new way to experience the web

Oculus wants you to experience the web in a whole new way

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