Best Meditation and Relaxation VR apps in 2022

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The modern way of life can be stressful, and you may not always have the luxury of being able to retreat to some quiet place to unwind. You can, however, put your VR headset on and use the best meditation and relaxation VR apps listed below to recharge regardless of where you happen to be at the moment.

1. Tripp

Tripp is our favorite meditation and relaxation VR app in 2022 because it combines tried-and-tested mediation techniques with engaging gameplay mechanics and binaural audio. The app features more than immersive mindfulness teachings, and it’s regularly updated to keep you coming back for more.

2. Nature Treks VR

There are many different ways to meditate. For example, you can mindfully explore a beautiful place, such as an enchanting forest or a tranquil beach. That’s exactly what Nature Treks VR lets you do, offering 9 breathtaking color-themed environments with over 20 different animals.

3. Liminal

Liminal is one of the best-rated meditation and relaxation VR apps. The latest version provides over 60 experiences that are guaranteed to distract your mind from daily worries and stress and take it somewhere relaxing and interesting.

4. Hand Particle

Painting can be an incredibly relaxing activity, which is why it’s used in therapy sessions around the globe. HandParticle is a unique VR app that lets you create beautiful visual effects with your hands while your favorite music plays in the background.

5. Maloka

Maloka is an expanding wellness universe that’s designed to enchant your senses on all levels through guided meditations, mindful movement, and sound baths. You explore the universe with your spirit companion of choice, and you earn rewards as you uncover what the app has to offer.

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