Demeo: PC Edition Has Arrived on Steam in Early Access

After receiving consistent praise as a VR-only title, Demeo by Resolution Games has now finally arrived on Steam in Early Access. The native PC version of the award-winning multiplayer virtual tabletop game is fully optimized for the mouse and keyboard and offers cross-platform support, so VR and PC players can form teams together and experience memorable adventures.

In the world of Demeo, called the 5th Earth, dark forces have overtaken the underworld, and it’s up to players to choose their champions (eagle-eyed hunter, mystical sorcerer, deadly assassin, protective guardian, or melodic bard) and cooperate to vanquish the unholy force.

As a fantasy virtual tabletop game, Demeo brings the core tabletop elements, such as dire rolling and moving miniatures, into the digital space, taking full advantage of its ability to connect players across large distances.

Those who already own the VR Edition of the game on Stream can download the PC Edition for free. Likewise, those who start with the PC Edition automatically get the VR Edition added to their Stream libraries.

Demeo adventurers on Quest or Quest 2 or Rift (purchased through Meta’s store) can launch Demeo: PC Edition for free through the Oculus Rift app on Windows.

“This is retroactive for all current owners and also applies to all future purchases. More good news? This also works in the opposite direction: if you buy the game on PC, you’re getting the VR Edition for free,” explained Jim Squires, who is in charge of Public Relations at Resolution Games.

Regardless of which store you use to download and play Demeo: PC Edition, your progress will always be synchronized across platforms, so anything unlocked in the VR version will be unlocked on PC, and vice versa.

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