Explore the Museum of Other Realities Free of Charge for the Next 2 Weeks

Immersive Arcade
Source: Museum of Other Realities

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the art world is still turning, in part thanks to virtual reality. A great example of technology bringing art to the masses during these trying times is currently taking place at the Museum of Other Realities, and you can enjoy it free of charge for the next two weeks.

The Immersive Arcade: The Showcase is the first national collection of the best of British virtual reality and 360-degree experiences, and all PC VR headset users can enjoy it by downloading the Museum of Other Realities app on Steam.

The collection is themed around the exploration of the human mind and designed to immerse visitors within its exhibits, drawing together productions from multiple genres. It was made possible because of a partnership with Kaleidoscope and Digital Catapult, two immersive production companies that play an important role in providing access to the latest developments in immersive technologies.

Immersive Arcade: The Showcase is intended as a multi-volume series, with the first volume showcasing four VR projects:

  • Common Ground by Darren Emerson, East City Films: A VR documentary narrative exploring the history, politics and human face of the current crisis in the UK housing system.
  • The Invisible by Darkfield: A choose-your-own-destiny experiment that lets participants experience what it would be like to be invisible.
  • Fly by Charlotte Mikkelborg, Novelab: Fly enables visitors to place themselves in the role of a time-traveling pilot and sit inside the cockpit of everything from Leonardo da Vinci’s ornithopter to planes of the future.
  • Notes on Blindness by ARTE, Atlas V, Archer’s Mark, Novelab: An interactive non-fictional narrative which is a cognitive and emotional experience of blindness.

The collection will be open until March 26th, and it doesn’t cost anything to access it. However, the Museum of Other Realities app itself costs around $20.

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