Games for Change Festival Unveils 2022 Award Finalists

Games for Change

Source: Games for Change

For years, Games for Change has been empowering game creators and innovators to drive real-world change using games and immersive media, and the 19th iteration of the festival is only a month away.

Today, Games for Change announced their award finalists based on over 400 submissions across nine categories, and the list includes:

Most Innovative:

Best XR for Change:

Best Civics Game:

Best Gameplay:

Best Learning Game:

Most Significant Impact:

Best Health Game:

Best Narrative Game:

Best Student Game:

“Since 2011, the Games for Change Awards have highlighted the best social impact games from around the world,” said Games for Change President Susanna Pollack. “We have seen such fantastic growth over the past decade, and this year we had a record number of submissions from indie and AAA studios, solo developers, and more,”

The Games for Change Awards will be streamed at 7:00 pm EDT on July 15, 2022, as part of the first-ever hybrid Games for Change Festival, July 13–16. For more information, visit the Festival site.

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