Grab Heavily Discounted Appl Lab Games with VR Collection

VR Collection
Source: VR Collection

The people behind the Lab Surprise bundle, which was available at the end of April, are back with another collection of discounted indie VR games for the Oculus Quest.

The new bundle is called VR Collection, and it contains 19 games, including sports games, shooters, several puzzle games, and even a god sim game. Whenever you buy a VR Collection bundle, you get a chance to receive random 2 to 5 Oculus Quest games at a 50 percent discount.

Alternatively, you can reveal all games in the bundles and still enjoy a 15 percent discount. If you would like to grab all 19 games, then you can keep reloading the bundle with your collector ID, which ensures that you will never get the same game twice.

One thing we learned is that people like to collect games. Honestly, when we launched Lab Surprise, we thought that people would like to buy one bundle and then be over with it; just for the novelty effect,” said Julien Dorra, one of the organizers behind VR Collection. “But in fact, we had a lot of players buying three, four, five bundles because they really wanted to collect. It was very surprising for us. People want to buy as many games as they can, especially if there is a discount because it’s easier for them to take a chance on an unknown game.”

Customer purchases are securely processed using Paddle, and customers receive their Oculus Store keys via email. You can then redeem your keys on the Oculus redeem page, and your games will be automatically added to your Oculus library.

The indie VR game developers behind the VR Collection bundle are active on Discord, and you can feel free to join it and ask questions.   

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