Lab Surprise Bundle Lets You Save Money on Quest Games

Lab Surprise bundle
Source: Lab Surprise

Some time has passed since the launch of the Oculus App Lab, an official path that lets developers distribute their games and apps on the Oculus Quest headsets without having to go through the official content submission process.

Now, 23 developers have joined forces to promote their Oculus App Lab submissions by the first-ever App Lab bundle. Called Lab Surprise, the bundle contains 19 titles, including sports games, shooters, several puzzle games, and even a god sim game.

But there’s a twist: you don’t get all 19 titles at once. Instead, you always get a random selection of 3 games at 70% discount. Alternatively, you can reveal one game and get a 50% discount on the bundle or reveal two games and get a 30% discount on the bundle or reveal three games and get a 10% discount on the bundle.

The logic behind the way the Lab Surprise bundle works is simple: when buyers don’t know which games they’ll get, they are more likely to repeat their purchase multiple teams, which results in more money for the games’ developers.  

In total, there are 969 potential combinations of games, so it’s highly unlikely for two buyers to get the same exact games. After each purchase, you receive three Oculus Store keys that let you redeem your purchase.

The Lab Surprise bundle runs from April 16 to May 8, so you better hurry up if you’re interested in this opportunity to grab games such as Sep’s Diner, Quest for Runia, Crazy Croquet, and Perpetuum Mobile at a nice discount.

Earlier this year, 12 indie teams create the “Waiting for App Lab” bundle to promote the Oculus App Lab, so it’s clear where the inspiration for the Lab Surprise bundle came from.

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