Half-Life: Alyx Mod Levitation Offers Up to 5 Extra Hours of Fun

Source: YouTube

The number of feature-worthy Half-Life: Alyx mods is climbing higher and higher.

Recently, we recommended Monomyth from developer Fabian Pachler, which is set in Nova Prospekt and provides 45-60 minutes of atmospheric playtime as you become an unknown protagonist guided by a radio operator with intentions that are not quite clear to you.

Now, we have another amazing-looking mod to cover, and it’s called Levitation. Created by SFM animator Corey Laddo and level designer Shawn Snelling, AKA FMPONE, the upcoming mod should give you up to 5 hours of additional gameplay when it becomes released in Q3 of this year on Steam Workshop.

In Levitation, you will explore Sector X and a peculiar levitation building that can be found there. As the trailer above shows, you can expect the same familiar gameplay mechanics that have the original Half-Life: Alyx such a joy to play.

Recognizable characters will be making a comeback as well, including Russell and G-Man. All characters will be fully voiced as is expected from a AAA mod in 2022.

Hopefully, the mod’s creators will manage to release it on time because we already can’t wait to play it even though there are so many excellent Half-Life: Alyx mods already available.

Here are our top 5 recommended Half-Life: Alyx mods for the first half of 2022:

  1. Return to Rapture
  2. Monomyth
  3. Gunman Contracts
  4. SCP: Breach
  5. Kiwi’s Co-Op Mod (KCOM)

Stay tuned for more must-play Half-Life: Alyx mods.

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