HP Launches an MR Customer Support Service Powered by Microsoft HoloLens 2

HP xRServices
Source: HP

HP has announced its next-generation customer support service, merging real with virtual through Microsoft HoloLens 2 mixed-reality smart glasses.

The new service is called HP xRServices, and it targets the users of the company’s industrial presses, such as the HP Indigo 12K Digital Press. Until now, the troubleshooting of printer issues involved long service calls that were often followed by even longer in-person technician visits.

With HP xRServices, any employee regardless of their technical experience and expertise can put on the HoloLens 2 smart glasses and instantly see instructions provided by an HP engineer superimposed onto the printer itself. For example, the engineer can highlight which button the employee needs to press next or illustrate how to replace a defective part.

“We are redefining services for the industry, by providing our customers with a solution which not only saves them time, but optimizes their revenue opportunities,” said Haim Levit, General Manager HP Indigo and WW Industrial Go to Market. “We continue to drive the most innovative solutions in the industry as we listen to and work with our customers as their own production needs change in the virtual and physical worlds.”

HP xRServices is currently in beta, accessible to select partners. In the United States, it’s being tested by Benson Integrated Marketing Solutions. Brian Benson, the company’s CEO, believes that HP xRServices will help them streamline maintenance and repairs, minimizing downtime for their clients. In Japan, Takeshi Ido, CEO & President of Fujiplus Inc., is similarly optimistic, saying that the service will help his company get to the root cause of issues very quickly and resolve them effectively.

Mixed reality customer support solutions like HP xRServices are finding their way into many different industries. Their availability will only increase as smart glasses become more available.

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