The HTC Vive Pro VR headset will include better displays and audio

The HTC Vive is about to get a big brother. During CES 2018, HTC announced it will launch the Vive Pro. This new headset will include improvements in displays, audio and more compared to the nearly two year old HTC Vive.

According to HTC’s Vive blog, The new Vive Pro will include dual-OLED displays that will combine for a resolution of 2,880 x 1,600, which is 78 percent higher than what’s included on the original HTC Vive. It will also include integrated headphones with a built-in amplifier for a better audio experience. The Vive Pro also has a redesigned headstrap with a sizing dial that should make it easier to wear over long periods. Finally, the new headset will include dual microphones with active noise cancellation support, along with dual front-facing cameras.

All of this sounds great, but so far HTC has yet to reveal a price tag or a release date for the Vive Pro. Considering that the current Vive headset sells for $599, it’s likely that the Vive Pro will cost a few hundred dollars more.

Along with the Vive Pro, HTC also annonced the Vive Wireless Adaptor, which will allow both Vive and Vive Pro owners to cut the cord on their PC and experience VR games and apps wirelessly. The Vive Wireless Adaptor will use Intel’s WiGig technology to connect your home PC to the Vive headsets, and HTC says that it will use the 60Ghz band, which should offer low latency. The adaptor will launch sometime in the third quarter of 2018, but again a price tag was not revealed.


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