KatVR Is Back With Another VR Treadmill

KAT Walk C 2
Source: KatVR

KatVR, the company behind the original KAT Walk C VR treadmill, which received over $1.6 million in funding from nearly 1,400 backers last year on Kickstarter, is back with a new model.

Called simply KAT Walk C 2, the new treadmill will bring to the table support for more movements, including strafing and kneeling, thanks to additional sensors and improved algorithms.

Where’s the original KAT Walk C VR treadmill was compatible only with PSVR and PC headsets, the new model will finally support the Quest platform and the Meta Quest 2 VR headset in particular, the most popular standalone headset by a wide margin.

KatVR has already announced a crowd-funding campaign for the device. The campaign will once again take place on Kickstarter, and it’s launching at 7am PT on May 14.

Early birds can get the KAT Walk C 2 VR treadmill for $698 (without shipping), and KatVR is even throwing in an improved version of its special shoes, whose purpose is to make it easier to walk on the top dish.

Those who miss the early bird tier get two more chances to buy the VR treadmill at a discounted price, with each chance being $100 more expensive than the previous one. The unlimited tier will then be priced at $998.

For extra $200, it’s also possible to purchase a further upgraded version of the device called the Kat Walk C 2+. This version includes haptic feedback for more immersive VR gaming sessions.

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