Oculus Quest Owners Can Now Enjoy Immersive Exercise Experiences Thanks to VZfit

Source: VirZOOM

On April 15, the virtual reality fitness app VZfit is set to hit the Oculus Quest Store, making it possible for all Oculus Quest owners to enjoy immersive exercise experiences powered by Google Street View.

VZfit has been available for some time now outside the Oculus Quest Store. Unlike with other similar exercise apps, you don’t need to purchase any expensive equipment to start working out. Any indoor bike or elliptical will do the trick as long as you equip it with an inexpensive cadence sensor, which you can get for around $20.

From there, you simply put on your Oculus Quest headset, launch VZfit, and pick any location around the world. “We wanted to combine the limitless possibilities of the world around us with the limitless possibilities of VR,” said Eric Janszen, Co-founder and CEO, VirZOOM in a statement. “Take a selfie at the Coliseum or in front of the Sydney Opera House, or simply take a trip down memory lane – whatever location you choose, with VZfit a world of adventure is literally at your fingertips.”

In total, there are over 10 million miles of virtual roads and paths to explore, so you shouldn’t run out of interesting places to explore any time soon. Because VZfit supports Fitbit and Strava, you can not only track your vitals but also share detailed information about your workouts with friends and strangers online.

VZfit uses a subscription model, charging its users $9.99 a month. New users of the app can sign up for a free 7-day trial to test what it has to offer without making any commitments. In the near future, the developers of VZfit are planning to launch a discounted annual membership for long-term users.

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