Oculus Quest Pro Revealed in Leaked Videos

Oculus Quest Pro
Source: Twitter

After last month’s leaked screenshots of a new VR controller for an upcoming Oculus headset and detailed information about its likely hardware specifications, we can now watch a series of leaked videos that show what the upcoming headset, called the Oculus Quest Pro according to the leaker, will likely look like.

The videos show a user customizing their character in front of a mirror, another user working inside a virtual reality office space, and two users playing Beat Saber together before being joined by their friend and teleporting to a VR theater to watch a movie.

Considering that the next Facebook Connect event is right around the corner, it’s pretty safe to assume that we will hear more about the leaked headset very soon.

If the videos accurately represent the final form of the Oculus Quest Pro headset, then we can look forward to a wireless charging dock for the two controllers, which have been redesigned and appear to lack the ring containing a set of infrared LEDs to enable 3D motion tracking. That would mean that the new controllers feature a new tracking technology.

The headset itself seems to have a much more compact visor for better weight distribution. Considering the word “Pro” in the name of the upcoming headset, as well as Facebook’s push to create a metaverse for work, we expect that long-term wearing comfort will be a major selling point that the company won’t fail to mention at its annual Connect event.

Facebook Connect 2021 will take place virtually on October 28, 2021, at 10 am PT / 1 pm EDT / 6 pm BST / 7 pm CEST, and you can watch it live on its official Facebook page.

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