Resolution Games Has Big Plans for Blaston in 2022

Blaston Plan 2022
Source: Resolution Games

Since its initial release in October 2020, bullet-hell dueling game Blaston has received many free regular updates, with each giving players more content to enjoy.

First, there was the World Expansion Update, which introduced the Zoo Lounge for players to hang out in. Then came the Crackdown Update, whose release added a new campaign to the game. The Quick Draw update brought a Wild West flavor to Blaston with its new gameplay mode. Finally, the Arctic Blast update, released just a month ago, added the greatest amount of new content so far.

Now, Blaston’s community team has posted a new video that highlights what Resolutions Games has in store for its fans in 2022.

We recommend you watch the short video yourself, but here are the most important talking points:

  • The upcoming Blaston update, called Reloaded, will arrive in April.
  • The Reloaded update will introduce weapon attachments, a new seasonal game mode, and enhanced graphics for high-end VR device.
  • Resolution Games have collaborated with another game studio to create a brand-new weapon type.
  • Resolution Games is focusing on growing the competitive scene for Blaston in 2022, so players can look forward to more tournaments and competitions.
  • On January 17, the price of Blaston will go up from $9.99 to $19.99 to reflect the amount of content the game’s developers have added since the initial release.

Overall, Blaston players have a lot to look forward to in 2022, and the initial feedback the video has received on social media has been overwhelmingly positive. At VRSource, we will continue keeping an eye on the game’s development and informing you of new content updates.

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