Rokid Smashes Its Kickstarter Goal for the Air 4K AR Glasses

Rokid Air
Source: Rokid

Rokid, a company specializing in the research and product development of AR, AI, and robotics, launched a Kickstarter campaign for its 4k AR glasses just yesterday, but the original goal of $20,000 has already been exceeded multiple times.

Called Rokid Air, the glasses promise to deliver a stunning visual experience comparable to watching a huge 120” virtual screen from just a few feet away. Thanks to their compatibility with a wide range of devices, the glasses can be used for anything from multimedia consumption to playing games to filling out Excel spreadsheets.

The glasses can be controlled by voice, and the built-in smart assistant is always ready to follow your commands. Thanks to advanced voice detection algorithms, the smart assistant should be able to easily pick up your voice even in noisy environments.

The Rokid Air has focus adjustment knobs for nearsighted users, allowing them to adjust for myopia of -5.00 D or less—no need to wear your prescription lenses or contacts. Despite all these features and capabilities, the glasses weigh just 90 grams, so long-term comfort shouldn’t be an issue.

Rokid achieved the low weigh by deciding to go for an always-tethered approach. In other words, the glasses don’t have a battery because they are designed to always be connected to your device, whether it’s an Android or iOS phone, desktop computer or laptop, PS4, Xbox, or Switch.

At the time of writing this news story, early backers can get the Rokid Air 4K AR glasses for just $339 and save $160 (the retail price will be $499). Just make sure to hurry up because the Early Bird price discount is reserved for only 400 backers.

Mass production should start in October, and Rokid would like to start shipping first glasses in November.

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