Shariiing VR Improves Collaboration in Virtual Reality

Source: Steam Virtual reality has emerged as a powerful tool for training, education, and even therapy. The problem is that being immersed in a virtual ...

One-Third of All SteamVR Users Use Oculus Quest 2 Headset

Source: Oculus PC users can choose from almost an overwhelming number of virtual reality headsets, but which of them are the most popular? The latest Steam ...

Manus Announces SteamVR Tracker for Professional Users

Source: Manus VR Manus, the developer of high-end finger tracking gloves and other motion capture and VR products, has just announced the launch of its ...

Apple is finally supporting PC VR headsets with new iMacs and SteamVR

Apple has announced it plans to support PC VR headsets with a new selection of Macs, along with adding support for SteamVR.

Only a small number of SteamVR apps have earned over $250,000

Valve has revealed that only 30 or so of the over 1,000 SteamVR-based games and apps released have earned over over $250,000.

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