Top 3 Best VR Fitness Accessories for the Quest 2 Headset


VR fitness apps like Supernatural, Beat Saber, and Holofit make working out fun, motivating people who might not have the confidence to sign up for a gym membership to get in better shape.

To help you make your VR workout sessions even more enjoyable, we present to you the top 3 best VR fitness accessories available in 2022.

1. KIWI Design Facial Interface

facial interface

VR headsets like the Quest 2 can get very hot, and the KIWI Design Facial Interface addresses this problem with patented L-shaped vents that are designed to ensure ample flow of air.

The product is made of plastic, PU leather, a high-density sponge, and elastic fabric, so it’s easy to clean and durable. Right now, you can get the KIWI Design Facial Interface for $36.99.

2. VR Cover Controller Grips

VR Cover Controller Grips

If your hands get sweaty when working out in VR, it means you’re doing a good job. The only problem is that sweat makes VR controllers slippery, and you definitely don’t want your controller to turn into a missile and break your expensive TV.

Fortunately, you can get the VR Cover Controller Grips for just $29 and forever solve this annoying problem. The controller are designed for the Quest 2, and they come with adjustable elastic knuckle straps.

3. Quest 2 Elite Strap

Quest 2 Elite Strap

The stock strap that comes with the Quest 2 headset isn’t terrible, but it’s also not comfortable when used for an extended period of time. Meta clearly knows this, which is why the company sells the Quest 2 Elite Strap for $49.

The premium strap is designed to increase balance and support with a simple flick of the adjustment wheel to keep the headset in place even when working out in virtual reality.

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