You VR for HTC Vive hands on @ CES 2017

During our time hanging out with the HTC Vive folks, the majority of demos we got the chance to check out weren’t actually games, but rather, experiences that covered hinged towards the educational sector. The case is such with Sharecare’s You VR experience, which delivered a totally new perspective in checking out the human body like never before!

You VR essentially has us exploring the human body, discovering how the body works and reacts to varying scenarios. Not only is there the educational aspect with details that cover various body systems, but there’s also scenarios that have us performing certain procedures to help the body recover. For instance, there’s a scenario when too much plaque in the heart causes blow flow to decrease, so we utilize the Vive’s motion controllers to help smoothen the flow using various tools.

Honestly, it’s a great training tool for doctors that are just getting into the field, as well as experienced veterans with hours under their belt, seeing that You VR helps has us diving into every nook and cranny of the human body. This experience is yet another showcase the innovations that are plausible with virtual reality and deep thinking developers who can produce convincing experiences.

While there’s no confirmed date on when You VR is expected to arrive, the wait will definitely make many of us to pause, and really soak in how much VR can impact our lives.

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