VR Military Sim FPS Onward Receives Big Improvements


Onward, the hit VR military sim FPS from Downpour Interactive and acquired by Meta last year, has released a new update containing some pretty big improvements.

The update comes after the release of the hotfix in March, which addressed a security concern related to the custom maps. Accordion to the game’s developers, the update took them so long to release because they wanted sure things were implemented correctly and tested thoroughly on multiple platforms

We’re convinced that most Onward players will find the long wait worth it because the update includes the addition of two new features, some major gameplay updates, and bug fixes throughout.

“Big improvements include friends being able to join matches directly via invite, gunstock calibration, and rebalancing equipment point costs,” writes Onward. “These changes should help improve your experience throughout the game. From the moment you start a lobby, get your friends in, calibrate your weapons, make your loadouts, and get on the battlefield, you will feel the difference.”

To see the full changeling, visit Onward’s dev blog. The realistic shooter that rewards communication, teamwork, and coordinated tactics is available on Meta Quest headsets and all major VR platforms.

Since its initial release in July 2020, Onward has received thousands of raving reviews from gamers around the world. Its current rating on the Quest store is 4+ stars out of five, with players praising the game’s realism, graphics, and a wide variety of maps, among other things.

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