You Can Now Play Superman 64 in VR

Superman VR

Superman 64, released in 1999 for the Nintendo 64, is widely considered to be one of the world games ever created because of its unresponsive controls, frustrating gameplay mechanics, and numerous other flaws.

It might then surprise you to learn that an independent VR developer going by the name of WackoMedia has made it possible for us all to experience the game in virtual reality on PCVR and Quest headsets.

“An homage to ‘one of the worst games ever made,’ this port proves that things are just better in VR,” the developer states.

To avoid copyright-related issues, the developer removed all references to the Superman franchise. That’s why the game itself is called Super Human Six.

“Now that this is a first-person game there’s no player model, this lets me remove any reference to Superman and its trademarked characters, something I think DC comics and its parent company Warner Brothers will appreciate,” says WackoMedia.

In its current state, the game contains three ring mazes, several traps to avoid, and a practice mode that lets you explore the city where the game takes place. What is present in Super Human Six and not in the original game is a proper ending (the original game just reused the static opening models), but we won’t spoil it for you here.

The Quest version is around 400 MB large, and most of those who have played it were surprised by how fun it is to play one of the worst games ever created in VR.

You can check out Super Human Six by WackoMedia on

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