Tabletop RPG Platform QuestHaven Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign

Source: Kickstarter

The developers of QuestHaven, a new tabletop RPG platform for PC, PCVR, and standalone Oculus Quest 2, have just launched their Kickstarter campaign, looking to raise $50,000 to fund the platform’s development.

Unlike tabletop games like Demeo, which implements a specific ruleset for players to follow, QuestHaven is designed so that players can use any rule set they choose, empowering them to create their own stories.

“QuestHaven is an environment with a set of tools, to play your games, your way,” explain the platform’s creators on Kickstarter. “We chose early on to not limit our players to a set of rules. So regardless of the system you want to play, our Virtual Table Top has you and your adventures covered.”

If everything goes according to plan, QuestHaven should be available in March 2023, allowing PC and VR players to seamlessly connect with one another through story-telling.

Using QuestHaven’s game master tools and map maker, it will be possible to easily build intricate worlds, busy towns, and deep dungeons. Game masters will then be able to populate their virtual worlds with NPCs and directly control them from their point of view to give players an unforgettable experience.

The tools are designed with ease of use in mind, and they’re an exclusive part of the PC version of QuestHaven. The good news is that backing QuestHaven will give you access to both the PC and VR versions.

It will be possible to share all player-generated content with the community, allowing players to rate the creations of others and incorporate them into their adventures.

Pledges start at $30, and the more you pay, the more goodies you get. For example, the $90 Fool’s Gold pledge includes an exclusive Kickstarter dice, early access to the map maker, three guest passes, and more.

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