This VR webcam was made for cam girls

The last year or so we’ve seen the porn industry begin to be completely revolutionized by virtual reality technology, changing the way people experience adult content forever. The level of immersion possible with this content is getting to the point where it is almost indistinguishable from reality, especially with some interesting inventions that are starting to make their way out of territories like Japan. The biggest issue right now, is that only larger porn companies have access to the kind of equipment necessary to produce this immersive content, leading to a general lack of content in the armature space. Now, a company called Terpon is looking to change that forever with the introduction of their VR webcam made specifically for virtual reality cam girls.

The company isn’t actually selling these new webcams, but rather renting them out for about $30 per month, which they say is completely reasonable for streamers that easily pull in $300 – $500 a month. Terpon says that the majority of these streamers are living in areas where this kind of income is actually quite good, so they think that a subscription system for the webcams is very fair.

The cameras use special stereoscopic modules with a 200 degree field of view, and can create both 2D and 3D video. There are 2 models, which can shoot in 3k and 4k resolution, and are intentionally shaped like faces in order to give the streamer a more natural feeling of being watched. The webcams just need to be plugged in via USB, and can be used for either PC or Mac, both which offer proprietary software, though the streamer can always use the cameras with their own software or website.

The company will be giving 1,000 of the cameras to ‘influential performers’ in order to kick start its advance on the market, which it hopes will influence others to pick up the camera as well.

If you’re interested in where you can watch the VR adult content that already exists, make your way over to our post here to check it out on your specific headset.

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