The First-Ever Blaston Championship Is About to Kick Off

Source: Resolution Games

The last six months were full of exciting Blaston announcements. Resolution Games kicked off its first professional esports season with VR Master League, added weapon attachments to enhance play style customization, introduced the Blaston Spectator app for livestreamers and broadcasters, and even collaborated with Fast Travel Games to bring Apex Construct’s Cyber Bow to the game.

Now, to further its efforts to support Blaston’s VR esports community, Resolution Games has announced its inaugural Blaston Championship 2022.

The tournament is set to kick off on August 1st, and it offers a total prize pool of $10,000 USD. All players of the VR dueling shooter from North America and Europe can come join the fun and earn their way to the Finals in November by competing in ranked mode.

“In hosting our first-ever Blaston Championship, we’re opening up the world of professional esports competition to everybody,” says Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “This tournament is designed to find the very best players across nearly the entire Blaston community, and the search starts in August as we open up the first qualifying period. Good luck, blasters!”

In addition to the tournament, Resolution Games has also announced a new content update, called Glow Up. The update gives players looking to customize their arsenal access to all-new attachments for a variety of weapons, including the Raptor Ellipse, Lance Nate, Hammer Ellipse, Nova Helix, and Vector.

The Glow Up update also introduces two new avatars, six new avatar skins, and a new legendary version of Lyxx that players can wear into the arena, making it the single-biggest style update for Blaston to date.

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