Titanic VR for HTC Vive hands on @ CES 2017

Anyone who’s watched James Cameron’s epic movie, Titanic, all know how the story starts and ends. Jack unfortunately meets his icy end, just because there was no extra room for him to stay afloat on with Rose – sad for him, but it is what it is. The acclaimed director delivered a masterpiece that had moviegoers strapped in their seats, as they visualized how the “unsinkable” ship ultimately met its demise.

During CES 2017, we managed to get a quick look at the upcoming “educational experience” in Titanic VR. As expected, it’s set in that first person view, to give users the immense scale of the fabled ship. Given its educational premise, this experience doesn’t have a whole lot in terms of interaction besides scoping around the scenery. In fact, you won’t be using the Vive controllers a whole lot with this one, but that kind of makes sense just because it’s technically not being marketed as a game.

The visuals seem spot on from what we can gather in our quick demo, which had us floating in the sea at first while watching the mighty RMS Titanic passing by us. Later on, we switched to a view that has us looking through a deep sea submersible capsule to see the wreckage as it currently stands on the ocean floor. There’s a lot of detail, obviously, which adds to the education piece to the experience. Sure, it’s a bit slow paced, but there’s a ton of history to be uncovered in this experience.

Granted it’s a tease for us during CES 2017, there’s still no confirmed launch date for this title.

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