Virtual Reality Sex Suits? Yes, that’s a thing now

Japan is an astonishingly weird place. Aiming to help users release anxiety in whatever way they want to, because what they do in their house is none of my business, Japanese company Illusion VR‘s sex suit brings a new frontier to the world of porn and sex games.

Forget simply using a headset for your virtual reality needs, with this suit you can get visual stimulation, touch stimulation, and more, which I probably shouldn’t mention to maintain the integrity of this article, but you can probably infer. The suit features a pair of breast implants attached to the chest area to give the user realistic fondling action, as well as a motor in the pelvic area to help stimulate the user’s prostate.

Designed for use with the Oculus Rift, users can experience multiple scenarios that place them in intimate situations with seductive anime women. The company is working to release a number of games that work at launch with the suit, including “Real Girlfriend”, “Love Girl”, and “Sexy Beach”. The contents of this game are likely as one dimensional as you can imagine, but it’s a start for those looking to get a better experience out of their “alone time”.

The suit apparently also includes sensors throughout that give the illusion of real contact, and and while we don’t exactly know how this is supposed to work, it should be interesting if the company can deliver. While apparently only compatible with the list of launch titles, the company is hoping that the suit will eventually enable users to get together for intimate “cyber meet-ups”, mirroring their movements in real time. The technology could potentially help to light the fire for couples who are having a time handling long distance relationships, though they may feel a little silly getting prepared for the experience.

The suit costs $400 and pre-orders have already sold out in Japan. Want to get even more disturbed? Check out this vid:



Photo Credit: Rice Digital Youtube

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