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Meta’s Next VR Headset, Project Cambria, Will Focus on Work Use Cases

Source: Meta In the latest earnings call, Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, revealed that the company’s next VR headset will focus on work use cases, instead of ...

Canon to Launch the MREAL X1 Head-Mounted Display in June

Source: Canon Canon has revealed its new mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD). Called MREAL X1, the new device is scheduled for release later this ...

Meet the Sword of Damocles, the First VR Headset in the World

Source: ResearchGate Many VR enthusiasts as well as those who have yet to spend any significant amount of time in virtual reality believe that the the ...

Top-Selling Meta Quest VR Games in April 2022

Source: Meta Once in a while, we like to take a look at which VR games are topping the charts to see what players are into. Today, we bring to you the top ...

Best Meditation and Relaxation VR apps in 2022

Source: Pexels The modern way of life can be stressful, and you may not always have the luxury of being able to retreat to some quiet place to unwind. You ...

Most Teenagers Still Don’t Regularly Use VR Headsets

Source: Meta According to a recent Gen Z research report by Piper Sandler, entitled Taking Stock With Teens, 26% of teens own a VR device but only 5% use ...

Pico Neo 3 Link Standalone VR Headset Launches In Europe

Source: Pico Pico Interactive, Beijing-based VR headset manufacturer that was acquired by TikTok owner ByteDance in 2021, has announced a new standalone VR ...

Virtual Athletics League Partners with Fun Train

Source: Fun Train Virtual Athletics League (VAL) has been dedicated to the growth of virtual reality since its inception. In march, the independent VR ...

Symptoms of Depersonalization and Derealization May Follow VR Use

Source: Pexels Immersion is the goal of virtual reality, but the effects of spending time in virtual worlds on the human brain are still largely unknown. ...

Demeo: PC Edition Has Arrived on Steam in Early Access

After receiving consistent praise as a VR-only title, Demeo by Resolution Games has now finally arrived on Steam in Early Access. The native PC version of ...

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