Use augmented reality to access real estate data of available homes

Searching for real estate can be extraordinarily boring. Usually you can look on the internet and get a decent sense of what a house is like on the inside, but it’s usually fairly difficult to understand what the neighborhood is like without actually being there. wants to change that by letting you go to an area you like and checking out houses from the outside.

The site has introduced 2 new features to their Android app that they think home buyers will love, one of the two being augmented reality home info. Through image recognition of the realty sign in combination with location data, the app is able to display information such as number of rooms, pricing information, and more around the house which your phone shows through the camera. is calling this feature “Street Peek”, as they think it will have the power to let you “peek” into the vital information of a house on the go. In this way, you can search for houses similarly to how you would play Pokemon Go, which is a pretty cool feature.

The other new feature is called “Street Snap”, which will bring you to the page on by taking a quick “snap” of the real estate sign. This is more useful for when you happen to drive by a house that interests you, and you want to be able to check out information on the house. While this isn’t exactly augmented reality by any means, it is still a pretty useful feature that many users will love to have.

Would you be interested in either of these features? We’d love to see them to develop into something more, and some companies have even started to do virtual reality home tours.

You can find the app here.


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