David Imel

David is a writer at VR Source, Systems Engineer at Intel Corporation,and a senior at UC Santa Cruz. His hobbies include building computers, being a Google fanboy, journalism, and mechanical keyboards.

David's Posts

Developers will soon be able to implement VR and AR experiences into Chrome for Android

Developers will soon be able to implement specialized VR and AR experiences directly into Google Chrome.
by David Imel4 days ago

Google Seurat enables high-quality 3D graphics on mobile devices

Google Seurat allows for high end cinematic experiences on mobile hardware with less-than-optimal processing capabilities.
by David Imel5 days ago

YouTube VR will enable shared 360 viewing parties with voice chat

YouTube VR will introduce shared rooms that let you interact with peers using voice. Watch 360 video together and have a blast!
by David Imel5 days ago

Google, HTC, and Lenovo announce standalone Daydream headsets

Google and Qualcomm have announced new standalone Daydream headsets, rapidly expanding the platform beyond the current set of devices.
by David Imel6 days ago

Best VR zombie games (May 2017)

Into zombies? Into VR? If so, you'll want to check out our list of the best VR zombie games currently around!
by David Imel2 weeks ago

Marvel is working on at least one game for virtual reality

Marvel has at least one virtual reality game in development, and is hoping to redefine the industry with its own implementation.
by David Imel2 weeks ago

Best Oculus Touch Games (May 2017)

These are the best Oclulus Touch games you can get today.
by David Imel2 weeks ago

The best YouTube VR channels and videos

Experience the best YouTube VR has to offer, all in one convenient place!
by David Imel2 weeks ago

Pornhub wants to give your mom “The one thing she’s afraid to ask for”

Pornhub is giving away a number of specialized greeting cards that will whisk away your mom to a world of fantasy.
by David Imel3 weeks ago

You can now buy the PSVR with the Playstation camera included for free

Sony has opted to include the Playstation Camera with all Playstation VR headset purchases at Amazon and Gamestop. But is this a limited time offer or a permanent change? Only time will tell.
by David Imel3 weeks ago
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