E3 Reflections: has Sony Playstation VR already won the VR war?

by Andrew Grush June 16, 20160 comments

Acer Predator Triton 700 hands on

Join us as we take a look at the Acer Predator Triton 700 in this hands on.
by John Velasco1 day ago

Acer Mixed Reality HDM Headset hands on

Join us as we take a look at the Acer Mixed Reality HMD.
by John Velasco2 days ago

Tilt Brush update adds support for new online gallery and more

You can now upload your sketches straight from Tilt Brush to the new social website, where others can view it in 3D, remix it as well as download it.
by Mitja Rutnik2 days ago

In the new Alien: Covenant In Utero experience, everyone can hear you scream

Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR owners can now check out the free two-minute VR movie experience Alien: Covenant In Utero.
by John Callaham3 days ago

Capcom delays third Resident Evil 7 DLC

The third DLC for Resident Evil 7 has been delayed until an undisclosed time, with a possible fourth installment coming in the future.
by David Imel3 days ago

Aukey 4K VR Headset hands on

Aukey has a 4K VR headset... but is it worth buying? We go hands-on to give you the answer to that.
by John Velasco4 days ago

Oculus will bundle everything you need for VR into a $1300 package

Available in only select places, Oculus have put together a monster bundle that will have everything you need to see you go from zero to VR-ready.
by Dan Bartram4 days ago

CyberSnake: like the classic game… but in AR

CyberSnake for HoloLens puts you in the snake's perspective, offering a 1st person point of view.
by Edgar Cervantes5 days ago

Google’s next-gen Jump VR camera, the Yi Halo, will offer 8K video for $17,000

Google has announced plans to sell the Yi Halo, its next generation Jump virtual reality camera for pros, which will support 8K video for the price $16,999.
by John Callaham5 days ago

GoPro introduces Fusion, a 5.2K spherical camera

The company is now looking to expand its offering with yet another camera added to its lineup, but this one is a little different.
by Dan Bartram7 days ago1 Comments
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