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Virtual Athletics League Partners with Fun Train

Source: Fun Train Virtual Athletics League (VAL) has been dedicated to the growth of virtual reality since its inception. In march, the independent VR ...

Symptoms of Depersonalization and Derealization May Follow VR Use

Source: Pexels Immersion is the goal of virtual reality, but the effects of spending time in virtual worlds on the human brain are still largely unknown. ...

Demeo: PC Edition Has Arrived on Steam in Early Access

After receiving consistent praise as a VR-only title, Demeo by Resolution Games has now finally arrived on Steam in Early Access. The native PC version of ...

Half-Life: Alyx Mod Levitation Offers Up to 5 Extra Hours of Fun

Source: YouTube The number of feature-worthy Half-Life: Alyx mods is climbing higher and higher. Recently, we recommended Monomyth from developer Fabian ...

Azul Brazilian Airlines Uses VR to Improve Pilot Training

Source: Simple Flying Pilots flying for the regional operator Azul Conecta of the Brazilian carrier Azul Brazilian Airlines have started using virtual ...

Shanghai-Based DPVR Introduces 4G/5G Module for Its VR Headsets

Source: DPVR DPVR, a company based in Shanghai that specializes in VR device design and manufacturing, has recently introduced a 4G / 5G module whose ...

Learn How to Play the Piano in VR

Source: PianoVision Aspiring and experienced piano players have been relying on various digital tools for some time, using them to display sheet music, ...

Virtual Athletics League (VAL) Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Source: VAL VAL’s 2022 VR Winter Games event has just ended, but the independent VR esports league already has another major announcement to make because ...

Tabletop RPG Platform QuestHaven Launches Its Kickstarter Campaign

Source: Kickstarter The developers of QuestHaven, a new tabletop RPG platform for PC, PCVR, and standalone Oculus Quest 2, have just launched their ...

How to Clean a VR Headset and Lenses

Source: Pexels If you want your VR headset to serve you well for a long time, you have to take good care of it by protecting it from mechanical damage and ...

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